Abe Shack

UX/UI & Product Design

Interview Project


Elevator System App


• Product Designer

• UX/UI Designer


• Photoshop

• Invision

• Sketch pad

This project involved creating a prototype for an elevator system application within a building management operating system.

The main goal of the project was to design a system that allows building operators to monitor and maintain elevators.

Granular goals were to include certain metrics that building operators would need, along with an easy workflow and visuals that allowed for quick analyzation of an elevator system.

Design Process

  1. 1. Research existing product and competitors.
  2. 2. Sketch ideas to conceptualize the product vision.
  3. 3. Wireframe the concept for content placeholders.
  4. 4. Hi-fi mockups for the look and feel.
  5. 5. Prototype version with demonstrating select functions. 

Existing Product

For UI consistency

Competitor Analysis

For different a perspective regarding metrics, UX & UI.

Sketch – Page Overview

Top section is for the overall health of the elevator system and the section below is for displaying specific data sets in chart form.

Sketch 2 – Page Overview

The bottom section is for displaying information for individual elevators.

Wireframes – Page Layout

Layout and place content holders for the page.

Wireframes – Modules

Layout and place content holders for main indicators, elevator pop-out info and charts.

Hi-Fi Mockups – Overview

Hi-Fi Mockups – Date Selector

Hi-Fi Mockups – Notifications

  1. 1-Overview
  2. 2-Menu
  3. 3-Charts
  4. 4-Chart UX